How To Choose Your Realtor Agent

There are so many realtors in Brooklyn NY. Some of them are really good and some...............

Interview at least 3-5 realtors to learn who can do the job of selling your Brooklyn NY home better.

Preferably do it in person, face to face.

Things To Ask & Look For:

  •  Ask a realtor to show you samples of his/her internet marketing (Every seasoned realtor has many past listings and will proudly show you his work).
  •  Find out if this realtor is a part-time or full-time realtor. (Nothing against part-time realtors, but you have to know when & how your realtor would be able to take care of business of getting your property sold).
  •  Ask for the realtor's honest opinion on the asking price. (Overpriced properties take much longer time to sell and usually sold for lower than market price due to a WWWTP - What's Wrong With This Property? syndrome and multiple price reductions. The longer your property sits on the market unsold the lower the price it will finally be sold for. Potential buyers tend to overlook "stale" properties or will come up with ridiculously low offers. The most attention your "for sale" property will get is the first 2-3 weeks. It's very important to price it right from the start).
  •  Ask for an explanation on how this realtor came up with this price. What sources of information were used? Require to see that information.
  •  Ask for comparable "SOLD" listings information in your area for the last 6-12 months. (Be aware! Some realtors will tell you anything you want to hear, just to get your listing. Understand, to promise you the price and to actually sell for this price are 2 completely different tasks.)
  •  Ask to show you online samples of that marketing plan implementation (Every seasoned realtor has many past listings and will proudly show you his work).
  •  Ask to explain in details each part of the Marketing Plan (You want to make sure this realtor really knows what's in that plan & how it's done).
  •  Google the realtor's full name, it serves 2 purposes: first you will see how this realtor marketing his/her own services (if a realtor can't market his/her own services, how is he/she planning to market your home?) & second you will be able to learn about this realtor as a person, including past clients feedback/reviews.
  •  Ask how often and by which means of communication you will get an update on what is going on with selling of your Brooklyn NY home. (Call, text, email, personal meeting).
  •  When you are signing a "Listing agreement" require a realtor to explain it to you. Especially pay attention to: "Asking price", "Expiration date", "Full commission" and "Commission split" (Usually sale of a home involves "Listing" & "Selling" agents). Ask a realtor to explain the difference and how he/she is splitting the commission and why.
  •  Ask a realtor to explain the difference between "Exclusive right to sell" and "Office exclusive" types of listings (Especially if a realtor is advising to sign an "Office exclusive" listing agreement, what is the advantage and disadvantages of "Office exclusive" listing agreement?). "Office exclusive" is not a good approach if you want to sell your property for best possible price. This kind of listing excludes all other realtors from the ability to sell your house, which in turn limits your property exposure and number of potential buyers. "Office exclusive" listing only benefits the realtor who is asking you to sign this kind of listing.
  •  If a realtor is trying to convince you to sign "Office exclusive" listing agreement, ask how is excluding all other realtors from the process of selling your property will benefit you? When you will find out at least one advantage, please let me know, because I never heard about any..............;)
  •  To be continued............