How To Sell Home In Brooklyn Part #2 By Realtor In Brooklyn NY – Maksym Mysak

How To Sell Home In Brooklyn Part #2 By Realtor In Brooklyn NY - Maksym Mysak

How To Sell Home In Brooklyn Part #2 By Realtor In Brooklyn NY - Maksym Mysak


Now let’s talk about show-ability and what components of it can affect the sale of your House, Condo or Coop in Brooklyn NY.
After you are 100% sure that Marketing was done the right way and everyone knew that your property was for sale, it’s time to pay attention to how easy it was for potential buyers to actually see the property for sale.

Currently in Brooklyn we have a buyer’s Market.

Basically it means that if potential buyers can’t get in to see your property for sale, there are many other properties for sale that they are able to see ASAP. So, it’s very important for the realtor that is selling your property in Brooklyn to be able to show your property for sale to every potential buyer ASAP.

Other components of property show-ability are:

Property condition

Approach it the way you would approach the selling of your car. Car selling analogy is a very good example of the right approach for the selling of your House, Condo or Coop in Brooklyn NY.

When you are selling your car and you want to get top dollar and sell it fast, what do you do? You de-clutter it by taking out as much stuff as possible, you are not trying to sell your car filled with boxes, clothes and other junk, because you want your car to appear spacious inside and being able to accommodate people of different complexion and their baggage if needed to.

You need to do the same to your property, get out as much stuff as possible, it will make your property for sale look spacious and spacious is very important if you want to sell your property for top dollar and do it fast.

Let’s continue with the car selling analogy.

You took out everything you could from your car in order for it to look spacious, what are you going to do next?

You will definitely wash it and try to cosmetically cover all the blemishes, scratches and dents.

Same needs to be done to your property for sale. It must be sparkly clean, smell good and be without visible cosmetic defects.

Next step is pets. Especially dogs.

I love dogs, I always had dogs and I have a dog now, but if I want to sell my car for top dollar and do it fast, I would definitely take my dog out of the car. Especially a big dog.

Throughout my real estate career I did many many property showings and to my surprise a lot of potential buyers are afraid of dogs, even the small and friendly ones, some potential buyers even refused to enter the property for sale if a dog was present inside.

Think about it, how can you sell your House, Condo or Coop to potential buyer if the biggest desire that potential buyer has at the time of showing is to get out ASAP.


Now let’s talk about depersonalization. I understand that your home has a lot of memories in it and all your family pictures on the walls or anywhere else make your home YOURS, but now you are in Selling mode.

Buying a home for any potential buyer is emotional decision first and everything else comes later.

If a potential buyer can’t imagine how the home will look and feel after he/she moves in, there would be no way that this potential buyer would want to buy your home.
So, if you really want to get a top possible price for your property, make it easier for potential buyers to imagine that it’s their home and depersonalize your home as much as possible.

You can ask any realtor and they will tell you that the easiest properties to sell for top dollar and do it fast, it’s completely empty freshly painted ones. I understand that’s if you live in your property for sale, then it’s impossible for it to be empty, sparkly clean and freshly painted, but try to get your home as close as possible to that ideal selling condition.

You would definitely do it to your car in order to get a couple of thousand dollars more, you should definitely do it to your property for sale in order to get tens of thousands more as well.

Asking Price:

Now, if Marketing was done the right way and show-ability was not the problem as well, the next and final step to look into would be the asking Price: We will talk about it in my next video.

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